Recognise this pattern?


Yes, it’s from the Very Hungry Caterpillar. The minute I saw it I knew what it had to become…


This beautiful little sunhat is from The Purl Bee, a site I frequently bookmark. I made it with six cap panels instead of four, and made the brim in one piece rather than two. I also used some semi-stiff interfacing (sold for handbags, I think) to make the brim a bit less floppy. It worked a treat!


In fact it worked so well I made four of them.


One will be heading for Zimbabwe, one for Orange NSW, one staying here in Wellington… and one is an extra, for the next little baby that comes along. Naturally I had to buy four copies of this as well, to go with them…



2 thoughts on “Recognise this pattern?

  1. I have this same fabric! And also have the stuff with the fruit on it (in two sizes). I was thinking of making a dress (all I can do is garment stuff) but think it would be way too OTT, so will have to branch out to craftiness or kids stuff.

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