Spring has sprung

Spring has been playing peek-a-boo this week. As I have just moved, there isn’t really any spring cleaning to do, yet. Instead I have been getting the garden ship-shape and doing some mending. It’s always Darwinian gardening at my house, survival of the fittest. In you go, seeds, best of luck but don’t expect any help from here on in. A couple of years ago I grew 53 pumpkins from 3 pumpkin plants. I wish I’d kept some seeds.

Anyway, mending. Less than exciting, but much needed in order to keep the work wardrobe presentable. A long drive to Wanganui and back was a good opportunity to fix some holes (should mention that I was in the passenger seat!). Today I fixed a hem that had given up and finished a UFO (just a 1-hour boxer short pattern, I am easing into this gently). 

The weekend forecast is for RAIN so hopefully that means SEWING TIME. Ooh I have lots of ideas. 



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