Thanks Mr Postman

This post has a soundtrack

Despite my ferocious guard puppy, the postman managed to bring me a present this week:


That’s 30 spools of thread, 30km worth (!). Coincidentally, that’s almost exactly the distance from my house to the Whittakers chocolate factory.

I was so sick of not having the right colour, and using the near-enough colour, which was never really near enough. So I went a bit nuts. But they make me happy to look at. They remind me of a box of chocolates, in fact.

The sewing machine I used last year was very temperamental about thread. It would accept only the finest and most expensive thread, and even then would skip the odd stitch just to show me who was boss. Now I’m back to my usual sewing machine, my trusty old friend, the never serviced, always reliable, Bernina 1008. It will take whichever thread I throw at it. I bought Birch. It’s fine. Cheap. Multi-coloured.

Image(thanks to estitch for the photo)

I love you, 1008. Your 80s pastels and all.


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