Dandelion number 2

Hot on the heels of my Dandelion dress, here’s a Dandelion blouse.

top front
This fabric is a second-generation stashbuster: I think my mum must have bought it in Thailand in the 70s. I’ve been waiting to find the right pattern to use. I think a dress might be a bit much, don’t you?

top full length
I cut this out at social sewing at Made on Marion the other weekend, chatterboxing with ZaraJoSophie and Maryanne. The good news is that I have a bit left. It might be enough for a simple sleeveless blouse (Sorbetto, maybe?). Maybe it will be a gift.

top - side
I drafted a higher neckline and a Peter Pan collar from Gertie’s tutorial.

top - collar
Obviously I wasn’t paying attention because the collar is way too far apart at the back.

top - back
A design feature, that’s called.


11 thoughts on “Dandelion number 2

  1. Oooh! That’s so fabulous. I was very curious about how it would look when you were cutting out your gorgeous fabric. You’ve done a beautiful job, it looks absolutely marvelous

  2. Thanks Zara! Do you think you could use the leftover bit? It’s 1m x 80cm. If you want it, it’s got your name on it. (By the way, someone at work told me I reminded them of a curtain, so beware!)

    • Yes please!! I love this fabric and I have no problems with looking like a curtain. I do work with artistic people though and they only complain when people wear too much black, they would LOVE this

  3. Isn’t Gertie’s peter pan collar so easy to follow – I used that tutorial for a top and it come out just great. Your collar looks great and sits perfects. If you wear your hair out no will ever know – although I think it is a great design feature.

  4. Love the fabric (and think it would look just lovely as a Sorbetto). You’ve matched fabric along the back seam/zip beautifully – I just wouldn’t have the patience!

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