Lazy, wrinkly and biased

These are not the most exciting projects ever, but in the interests of responsible journalism, here are three tops I’ve made in the last month. This first one breaks new ground for low effort sewing. 


I bought the fabric (viscose knit?) at Arthur Toye’s, on the Great Wellington Craft Crawl. I intended to use this tutorial to make an easy-peasy T-shirt, but seriously, mine is even easier. And lazier! I cut the shape I wanted, and overlocked the shoulder seams and the side seams. The end. 5 minutes. 

The next one is 80cm of silk/cotton that cost $5 at Fabric-a-brac, made up into a Sorbetto (without the centre pleat). 


  I like it, but the bust darts are a bit high so this happens now and then: Image

The third one originated at the Fabric Warehouse sale, I think it’s rayon and I know it was $3/metre. I am done with TFW sale, I haven’t liked anything I made up from there (it must have been on sale for a reason). 



Too bright, I feel like a nana. Plus this happened to my bias binding, and I can’t iron it flat, can anyone tell me why? 



In better news, I have just finished my all-time favourite skirt and also have two dresses to show you next time. AND, it’s a long weekend. Happy days. 


2 thoughts on “Lazy, wrinkly and biased

  1. Looks like maybe the bias binding might not have been cut on the true bias 45*. Or when sewn on it stretched wrong. Not sure if you want to unpick the sewing and try resewing the bias.

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