Hippy hippy shake


I made Rose Hip tights! These are by the same folks who invented the Dandelion dress, and they are kind of similar – both have a really clever design, obviously drafted by someone with good spatial skills. With the dress, you can see it’s going to be a dress, but with the tights you just have to trust the pattern and jump in with the hope that eventually all will be revealed. And sure enough, it is, and it’s really neat. They come together very quickly. I made the high-rise version, but you can also make low-rise or thigh-high ones. I overlocked the lot, but beware, the heels and gusset come to a point and if you put the overlocked hem the wrong way you can end up with a dog’s breakfast.


This is the wrong way (the hem catches in the stretchy point and stops it stretching):


This is the right way, with the hem safely turned away from the point:


This is the very cool point at the back of the heel that can be colour-blocked (it’s actually pretty invisible in my version). The foot seams run along the top of the feet so you don’t have to walk on them.


And check out my own dog doing a sneaky photo-bomb in that shot!

The pattern comes with very good instructions for sewing with fabrics of different stretchiness. Mine had a 50% stretch horizontally and a 37% stretch vertically. I sewed a size 10 in the waist, 12 in the hip (to fit body measurements of 36 inches and 47 inches). They are super comfortable.

TRAGICALLY, though, they’re too short! The inseam is about 2 inches too short for me. At 5’9″, I should be used to lengthening things, but I didn’t this time. I guess it’s easy to look at a skirt and think ‘that needs a bit more length’ but this pattern is harder, because it doesn’t really look like tights til it’s sewn together. It’s easy enough to add length to for next time, though.


So if anyone wants some awesome comfy black-and-white Rose Hip tights, and roughly matches my measurements (but is 5’6″ tall or less), let me know and I’ll post these worldwide.


10 thoughts on “Hippy hippy shake

  1. Nice tights Gemma! I agree with Linda – chop the feet off and wear them as footless tights under your boots. No-one will know (except us of course!)

  2. Wow gemma this print is amazing. I hope you have enough of this print to make yourself another pair. if you dont take the others advise and cut the feet off, i am happy to give them a good home.

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