It’s a wrap – McCall’s 5974

OK, I’m on a major catch-up before 2015 arrives, forgive me. Here’s a dress I made months ago.

McCall's 5974

This is McCall’s 5974, allegedly “the perfect knit dress”.

McCall's 5974

I borrowed the pattern from Jo, after seeing her lovely grey one. Mine is OK but I wouldn’t say it’s perfect. It’s made from a cotton/nylon knit from Levana, and lined with a mystery fabric from the Fabric Warehouse pop-up sale.


Things I like:

  • The colour! It’s cheerful in winter.
  • It’s super comfy and warm. It’s basically one step up from wearing a sweatshirt.
  • I made the sleeves really long to keep my hands warm.
  • The wrap/pleat detail is really nice.

4 sleeves

5 wrap

Things I don’t like:

  • On me, it’s a bit low-cut to be work-appropriate, hence the stupid-looking pin at the front.
  • There’s not enough fabric in the front piece, and so it forms a bat-wing with the sleeve. Maybe it needs a FBA? Is that even a thing in a knit pattern?


I could make it again and try to fix these things, but I probably won’t bother.


3 thoughts on “It’s a wrap – McCall’s 5974

  1. I’m always suspicious of big four patterns that use terms like “Perfect” “Easy” or “1-hour” they usually are a complete nightmare. I like this frock on you, I think the colour is lovely. That said, if you DON’T love something, you should set it free (or remake it) a wardrobe should be filled with things that make you happy.

    • Good point. This one is saved by its snuggliness, for now.
      Yeah, I’ve fallen for the “one hour” trap more than once, but I’ve never even come close to finishing an adult-sized garment in an hour.

  2. Just found yours. I think this is a lovely look on you, I’m sorry you thought it was a bit of a flop! The colour is gorgeous. I think you should give it another crack. I found the “bat wing” thing too, and I think it’s because the armhole is too low. I find this a lot with patterns! A knit armhole should be higher and nice and snug! I’m raising mine!

    You could raise the angle of the crossover next time so you don’t worry about the V being too deep? 🙂
    Anyway this is lovely to see. Thanks for blogging it 🙂

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