a-slippin’ and a-slidin’ (and a-hidin’)

I’m a convert to slips. They’re highly functional but also make me feel like a grown up lady. I made these using some rayon from Spotlight, and the free Vera Venus bias slip pattern. It only goes up to a size 39″bust/41″hip, so I had to grade up, but it worked well. The rayon is perfect: sturdy, no special washing needed, but still light. And, since it’s a natural fibre, it breathes well and doesn’t get stinky.

Vera Venus bias slip Vera Venus bias slip

For the top front edge, you can add lace or finish with a decorative stitch; the pattern suggests a shell stitch. For a laugh, here’s the black one I did by hand, compared to the white one I did by machine (using a blind hem stitch).

3 black3 white

Oh dear. Remind me not to take up embroidery.

And, just for the record, some fun PJ pants made out of Spotlight flannelette, and a basic self-drafted pattern. Judging by the selvedge, the print seems to have been made by a student at RMIT.

4 1

4 2

Can you see the animals hiding badly? Aren’t they gorgeous?

4 3

(These have been worn a bit already; sorry about that! I love them.)


4 thoughts on “a-slippin’ and a-slidin’ (and a-hidin’)

    • Ooh I’ll be interested to hear how that goes. The only stretchy slip I’ve ever had was a disaster because it wouldn’t ‘slip’ but kept sticking to my clothes and twisting round. The Gertie slip is pretty, though, maybe it’s worth risking it.

  1. I ALWAYS wear slips – I should really get around to making some more. The animal print on your PJs is super cute!

    • So that’s why your dresses look so good. I had no idea. (I guess that’s the point)
      Yes I just love the PJs, and it’s so great that the print was someone’s university project. Good sense of humour.

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