0 Degrees of Separation – the goldfish dress

Another WSBN blog tour, 2015 style! This one was Leimomi‘s great idea, to hop from pattern to fabric to pattern to fabric until we’re all connected in one long colourful conga-line of sewing. As with any good conga line, there have been a few mis-turns and branchings-off and people going AWOL (including me!) but the band’s still playing and we’re all having a great time.

I’m in between FlossieFT and Two Random Words. Coincidentally they have both been moving house lately, so their links aren’t up yet. FlossieFT and I are both making dresses out of some fabulous goldfish-print cotton that I found at Ikea in 2013, and Two Random Words and I are both making Simplicity 1880s (sadly out of print, because this is a terrific pattern).

Simplicity 1880It’s a dress that can either have a shirtwaist or a crossover bodice. It’s a great pattern to feature a big print like this one. I cut the skirt on the fold, to avoid disrupting the print with a seam. And did some nifty pattern matching on the front! This took way more fabric than I expected, but luckily I had plenty.

Simplicity 1880

There are yokes at the front and back, and pleats at the waist. This gives it plenty of room at the back and makes it very comfortable to wear. The yoke is only a single thickness of fabric which is a bit unusual.

Simplicity 1880

Simplicity 1880

I topstitched round the front opening and collar, which wasn’t in the instructions but I prefer it.

Simplicity 1880

It looks super with a Jenna cardi! (and thanks to Kat, Jenna-cardi mastermind, for the photos outside Fabric-a-brac)

Simplicity 1880


8 thoughts on “0 Degrees of Separation – the goldfish dress

    • Thank you! Thanks for fixing my vocab MrsC, I’ve now learnt from Wikipedia that goldfish and koi are in fact entirely different species. Who knew? “They can interbreed, but their offspring are sterile.” I’m sure they’d be horrified if they knew I was mixing them up.

  1. Firstly, the pattern matching is brilliant. Second, it DOES look amazing under a Jenna cardi, I never even thought about that… And thirdly, it’s just gorgeous all round!

    • Yeah, the collar pulls it together somehow doesn’t it? Thanks for the intro to the pattern! I think I got the second last copy from Pattern Postie.

    • Thanks, it was a good experiment – I tried to line up the circles even on the ‘unmatched’ seams. Though I’ll never tell how much fabric I wasted making mistakes.

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  3. I know it’s been a while, but I love that fabric! Love koi and the great colors. I’d wear the heck out of it. You did a good job with the matching, too!

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