The Murphy skirt

As in, Murphy’s law.


Guess who:

  • Bought fabric from the Fabric Warehouse sale because it was kind of nice, and on sale?
  • Then decided to make a colour-block dress and bought the contrast fabric from Spotlight for five times the price?
  • Decided the contrast fabric wasn’t right and spent the whole morning trying to dye it with food colouring (fail) and then bleaching it (success).
  • Sewed nearly the entire dress – including seam bindings – and hated it. Cut it up.
  • Made a skirt instead (New Look 6106), cut the pockets wrong and had to use the contrast fabric for them.
  • Decided it needed piping, didn’t have cord so used hat elastic (worked fine!).
  • Sewed that damned zipper three times before the back piping matched up.
  • Has worn it only once, for the photos.

Fine but totally not worth the effort. I am planning to have better luck this weekend.