A very short entry, and a very short poem

Here are two Plaintain t-shirts (free download from Deer & Doe). I reduced the flare at the bottom a little. Also I might have raised the neckline a bit. I made them at a retreat in February, so can’t remember exactly. (The retreat was FABULOUS by the way. 48 hours of sewing and chatter and tea. And jumping into the icy river). The blue stripe was a remnant from Levana – a bit unusual in that the stripes only covered part of the width. blue stripe plantain t-shirt The dogs are from Spotlight, I just couldn’t pass them up. In fact I even went back to buy more, to make one for my friend Ali who is a crazy dog lady. dog plantain t-shirt My favourite one is this little guy, whose head is on the neckband. Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 7.57.57 pm There’s not much else to say, so as promised:

The truth I do not stretch or shove
When I state that the dog is full of love.
I’ve also found, by actual test,
A wet dog is the lovingest.

– Ogden Nash


Sewing for the Fashion Critic

new look 6097
I know, it doesn’t look like a men’s item. But because I’m still hooked on this pattern (New Look 6097), I made one as a gift, and what was left became a t-shirt for the Fashion Critic.

It’s merino from Levana, what could be better?

Despite the surfeit of free ladies’ t-shirt patterns (have I missed any?), there are few (none) for fellas. So I drafted this one myself. There are pull lines under the arms, but I’ve been assured that it’s perfectly comfortable. Mind you, I doubt it will get too much wear, simply because it will have to compete with roughly 1,000 other t-shirts. Is this the only house in which t-shirts multiply like coathangers?

Next, though, is my sewing success of the year. I decided to dip my toes into the uncharted waters of men’s trousers. Specifically, Burdastyle 7841.

burdastyle 7841This pattern had pretty good reviews round the interwebs. I ignored all the wacky Burdastyle instructions and used Lladybird’s Thurlow sewalong for the construction. It was much easier to follow, and it’s just a sensible way to put trousers together.

Burdastyle 7841

The size 42 fit the Fashion Critic without any adjustments. How is that possible? However next time I’ve been asked to make both the front and back pockets deeper.

Also next time I’ll make the fly overlap a bit bigger – you can see the zipper a bit (if you’re looking).


The fabric is a navy wool/silk blend from The Fabric Warehouse sale a few months ago, and it’s just delicious. It was by far the nicest one there. These used just 1.7 metres.

Welt pockets! Don’t look too closely, this is only my second one ever. But they’re not nearly as intimidating as I’d thought.

And some action shots, just ’cause. (He got all dressed up on a Sunday, I think that’s worth some more screen time)

Burdastyle 7841


Starring the garbage bin and the dog bowl. Don’t forget to recycle!




Lazy, wrinkly and biased

These are not the most exciting projects ever, but in the interests of responsible journalism, here are three tops I’ve made in the last month. This first one breaks new ground for low effort sewing. 


I bought the fabric (viscose knit?) at Arthur Toye’s, on the Great Wellington Craft Crawl. I intended to use this tutorial to make an easy-peasy T-shirt, but seriously, mine is even easier. And lazier! I cut the shape I wanted, and overlocked the shoulder seams and the side seams. The end. 5 minutes. 

The next one is 80cm of silk/cotton that cost $5 at Fabric-a-brac, made up into a Sorbetto (without the centre pleat). 


  I like it, but the bust darts are a bit high so this happens now and then: Image

The third one originated at the Fabric Warehouse sale, I think it’s rayon and I know it was $3/metre. I am done with TFW sale, I haven’t liked anything I made up from there (it must have been on sale for a reason). 



Too bright, I feel like a nana. Plus this happened to my bias binding, and I can’t iron it flat, can anyone tell me why? 



In better news, I have just finished my all-time favourite skirt and also have two dresses to show you next time. AND, it’s a long weekend. Happy days.